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FDA Public Health Advisory, July 8, 1997

Dear Health Care

The Food and Drug
Administration would like to bring to your attention recent reports of valvular heart disease in women treated for obesity with a combination of fenfluramine and phentermine.

Fenfluramine and
phentermine were
approved more than 20 years ago as INDIVIDUAL agents
for short-term use in the medical manage-
ment of obesity. The use of the products concomitantly has
never been approved in the United States, although recently, the combination of the two products has been used "off label" by many American health care practitioners for the management of obesity.

Presently there is no conclusive evidence
establishing a causal relationship between these two products and valvular heart disease. However, given the seriousness of the reported valvular
disease and its rare occurrence in
otherwise healthy obese women in this age range,
we believe that patients
and health care professionals should be notified of this
information. To read the rest of the Health
Advisory click here.

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September 15, 1997, the prescription diet drug Fen Phen was withdrawn from the market due to the heart valve injuries affecting large quantities of individuals. Before the 1997 removal of Fen Phen from the shelves, individuals who had taken Pondimin or Redux pursued individual lawsuits, as well as class actions against the American Home Products Corporation after medical reports linked the drugs to dangerous forms of valvular heart disease.
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Fen Phen has been linked to many different health complications. Initially a Fen Phen patient may have experienced shortness in breath. Because shortness in breath can be attributed to many other things, patients did not feel that was the direct result of taking Fen Phen.
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