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FDA Public Health Advisory, July 8, 1997

Dear Health Care

The Food and Drug
Administration would like to bring to your attention recent reports of valvular heart disease in women treated for obesity with a combination of fenfluramine and phentermine.

Fenfluramine and
phentermine were
approved more than 20 years ago as INDIVIDUAL agents
for short-term use in the medical manage-
ment of obesity. The use of the products concomitantly has
never been approved in the United States, although recently, the combination of the two products has been used "off label" by many American health care practitioners for the management of obesity.

Presently there is no conclusive evidence
establishing a causal relationship between these two products and valvular heart disease. However, given the seriousness of the reported valvular
disease and its rare occurrence in
otherwise healthy obese women in this age range,
we believe that patients
and health care professionals should be notified of this
information. To read the rest of the Health
Advisory click here.

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Fen Phen Attorney - educational resource on the diet drug Fen Phen and the legal issues surrounding it.

Fen Phen Lawyer Redux Settlement - Legal resource provides information on litigation relating to the Fen-Phen settlement.


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It is urgent that you know about the deadlines you face to participate in the settlement. Echocardiograms must be completed by December 2002. The deadline for your decision about whether to opt out or remain in the settlement is May, 2003. Keep in mind that substantial time-consuming work locating prescription and medical records and testing must be completed as soon as possible to be able to make an informed decision regarding whether to opt out. Therefore, time is of the essence.










There are a large amount of former Fen Phen users that are now suffering heart damage, including valvular heart disease. Symptoms of these serious heart diseases are conspicuous, delaying diagnosis.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania approved a Nationwide Class Action Settlement Agreement with American Home Products Corporation. Anyone who has taken the diet drugs Fen Phen, Redux, and Pondimin can receive compensation and benefits due to the harmful effects the drugs caused. The monetary compensation that is available to certain former Fen Phen users is more than one million dollars. For individuals not part of the class action they have received even larger compensations.

Our team of experienced attorneys can help recover the damages you are entitled to when you contact us.


Once popular diet drug Fen Phen has been marketed under the names Pondimin, Redux, Fenfluramine, and Dexfenfluramine. The health complications, that were the direct result of taking the drug, have led to a nationwide class action.

There is still time to opt-out of the class action and individually pursue a lawsuit. If you have taken Fen Phen and have suffered the serious side effects associated to the drug, contact us.

Fen Phen Cover Up?

Back in 1997, studies began to show the potentially deadly effects of Fen Phen. The FDA's key reviewer, Dr. Leo Lutwak, believed American Home Products knew about the heart problems their diet drug caused long before its removal from the U.S. market.
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Contact an Attorney to Learn More about your Legal Rights - Fen-Phen Legal Rights - Class Action Suit - Opting Out

The once highly popular diet drug was "too good to be true" for many of the drug patients, leading to serious heart valve problems. In 1997, the Mayo Clinic reported finding heart valve problems in 30% of the Fen Phen users in a study they conducted. Shortly after studies began to expose the adverse health effects that Fen Phen caused, the American Home Products (AHP) prescription drug was pulled from the U.S. market. If you have suffered the health complications as a direct result of using Fen Phen contact us.

Fen Phen was never supported by any studies showing the safety or effectiveness of the drugs, and the FDA never received studies indicating they were safe. AHP owned rights to market and sell pondimin and redux, so they knew about the research and the Adverse Drug Experience reports done on Fen Phen. This makes them liable for the deadly conditions Fen Phen caused. Right now there is a $7.5 billion payout to Fen Phen users, but this amount does not entitle everyone to the proper amount of compensation they should receive. It is not too late to opt-out of the nationwide class action and contact our team of attorneys.

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September 15, 1997, the prescription diet drug Fen Phen was withdrawn from the market due to the heart valve injuries affecting large quantities of individuals. Before the 1997 removal of Fen Phen from the shelves, individuals who had taken Pondimin or Redux pursued individual lawsuits, as well as class actions against the American Home Products Corporation after medical reports linked the drugs to dangerous forms of valvular heart disease.
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Fen Phen Health Issues

Fen Phen has been linked to many different health complications. Initially a Fen Phen patient may have experienced shortness in breath. Because shortness in breath can be attributed to many other things, patients did not feel that was the direct result of taking Fen Phen.
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Fen Phen has been linked to three serious medical complications, including:

Valvular Heart Disease

Fen Phen caused the valves in the heart to let blood flow backwards through them. The two valves on the left side of the heart, the aortic valve and the mitral valve, are affected by Fen Phen intake, which causes regurgitation to occur.

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension

PPH is caused by Fen Phen and is a very dangerous and deadly result from the diet drug. This disease causes an increased pulmonary artery pressure.

Endocardial Fibrosis

This condition is more rare and is diagnosed by fibrosis and restrictive cardiomyopathy.